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Investment Process

We believe deeply in our investment approach. Simply stated:

We build custom asset-allocated portfolios to meet each client’s unique goals; we implement the portfolios with low-cost, tax-efficient investment vehicles; and we maintain investment discipline by rebalancing to stay on target.

Asset Allocation | This is the most important decision an investor faces – more important than choosing specific securities or selecting an asset manager. This is because the ultimate success of any investment plan will be significantly determined by the mix of assets in the portfolio.

Both science and art contribute to this decision. We use modern portfolio theory and statistical models to help clients understand the alternatives and trade-offs involved in asset allocation.

We first ask questions to help us understand the personal variables that impact the allocation decision, including the client's risk profile, financial objectives, other assets, tax situation and possible future financial events.

Plan Implementation | Once the allocation structure is agreed upon, we build out the portfolio with investment instruments designed to access the chosen asset classes in a cost-effective and tax-efficient manner. Holdings may include exchange traded index funds, mutual funds or individual securities.

Staying on Course | Discipline drives this phase of the process. Once the investment plan is in place, we rebalance the portfolio – when prudent – to maintain alignment with long-term objectives. We rebalance around cash inflows, outflows or redistributions. Over time, our disciplined process is designed to help add value by eliminating the emotion of market timing from the investment equation.

Reporting and Account Strategy Reviews | Arbor provides clients with a quarterly report that summarizes the current asset allocation, portfolio holdings and investment performance. Clients receive periodic statements that itemize holdings and transactions. And throughout, we always remain available to conduct personal reviews with each client to help determine if changes to the investment strategy are needed or desired. 

Individual Investors

Our high-net-worth clients come to us with a wide range of investments, multiple accounts and very different risk/return profiles. We invest a significant amount of time upfront to ensure that we fully understand your financial standing and objectives. We then marry these objectives with the global investment opportunity set to deliver a customized investment strategy.

Key tenets in our portfolio design are broad diversification across and within asset classes and prudent selection of investment vehicles to maximize expected return while minimizing expected risk and cost.

As we implement the target portfolio, we also strategically select investments and asset location (what types of investments are held in which accounts) to maximize tax efficiency over the long haul. Our responsibility and pledge is to be proactive as we manage the portfolio and provide top notch personal service. Please contact us to learn more about how we are helping our high-net-worth clients.

Retirement Plans

Section 401(k) was originally enacted as a way for workers to supplement their employer's traditional defined benefit pension plan and Social Security. Over the last 30 years, however, defined contribution plans have become the primary vehicle for accumulating retirement funds for most Americans. As the responsibility for retirement savings shifted from the employer to the employee, so did the responsibility for prudently investing retirement plan account balances.

Most plan participants, however, readily admit that they are ill-equipped to make investment decisions for themselves due to a lack of familiarity with investing concepts and strategies. As a result, balances are often invested too aggressively or are left in money market funds, which may not provide sufficient growth to meet future needs.

Arbor's fee-only approach to managing 401(k)/Profit Sharing Plan assets specifically addresses this challenge and offers participants choice, professional investment management and personalized attention. Please contact us to explore enhancements to your company's retirement savings plan.


We manage a variety of Foundation relationships.  We provide clients a customized solution. We tailor the investment strategy to balance expected contributions, distributions and the current investment environment. We also serve as investment manager for a number of accounts within the Winston-Salem Foundation. Please contact us to learn more about how we are helping our Foundation clients.

Stock Options

Stock options can be a powerful wealth creation vehicle and should be managed just like any other investment. Options offer leveraged returns and are highly sensitive to price changes of the underlying stock. Given that stock options are volatile and do expire, it is important to balance the pursuit of robust returns with prudent risk management.

We help clients manage this asset by:

  • Establishing and monitoring event triggers such as vesting and expiration
  • Establishing and monitoring value triggers such as upside potential versus downside risk
  • Integrating this investment with overall portfolio strategy  

Please contact us to learn more about our process and approach.