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We value relationships built on honesty, respect and open communication.

We strive to earn our clients' trust with an unwavering commitment to do what is right.

Our Philosophy

At Arbor, we believe deeply that:

  • Asset allocation is the most important factor in determining a portfolio's long-term return and risk profile.
  • Diversification is a critical tool in maximizing return for a given level of risk.
  • The risk, return and correlation characteristics of the following asset classes should be considered in portfolio construction:
  • Large Cap Equities
  • Small Cap Equities
  • International Equities
  • Emerging Market Equities
  • Alternative Investments
  • Inflation Linked Bonds
  • Intermediate Term Bonds
  • Short Term Bonds
  • Floating Rate Securities
  • Cash

  • Asset allocation is a dynamic process—by rebalancing the portfolio, we expect to increase return and reduce risk.
  • Timing financial markets cannot be done successfully on a consistent basis.
  • Both actively managed and passive (indexed) components have a place in portfolio construction.
  • Tax-efficient investing saves money and enhances portfolio longevity.
  • Transaction costs and fund expenses matter, especially over the long-term, due to compounding.

Our Culture

Arbor Investment Advisors is independent and privately owned. Our investment professionals are the principals of the firm. Consequently, we answer only to our clients - no one else.

We don't sell products. We don't have model portfolios or canned solutions. We provide customized advice for one simple reason - each client is unique and deserves individual focus.

We value relationships built on honesty, respect and open communication. We strive to earn our clients' trust with an unwavering commitment to do what is right. Our pledge is personal service from dedicated professionals.

By design, our business model is simple and transparent - we are paid only by our clients. With fees based on the assets we manage, our interests are aligned with yours. We only work for you.

Our History

In 1997, Jim Martin created a business plan for a fee-based investment management business to be based in Winston-Salem. At the time, Jim was the Southeastern U.S. Regional Director for Frank Russell Company, working with corporate and institutional investment clients. Jim's vision was to offer an institutional approach - asset allocation, diversification, low-cost investment vehicles and fee-based management – to high-net-worth individuals, foundations and retirement plans, and to deliver first-class personal service. 

In early 1998, Arbor Investment Advisors opened for business within the offices of Holden & Mickey, an insurance and financial services firm. The Principals of this firm, Chip Holden and John Mickey, invested in Arbor as minority partners. Paige Birchfield was hired as the first employee for administration and operations.  That same year, Frank Lord was retained as a consultant to audit and review internal procedures. Frank quickly became an important part of the team and joined Arbor full-time as an investment advisor and Principal.

Scott Cawood joined the firm as an investment advisor and Principal in September 2003 after a career in risk management with Wachovia. Having attained his Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) designation, Scott took on the role of Chief Investment Officer.  April Beason joined Paige in the growing operations function in March 2005.

In May 2006, Scott Jones, who had worked as an intern at Arbor while pursuing his MBA at Wake Forest University, left Wachovia's Philadelphia Wealth Management office to join Arbor as an investment advisor and Principal. In 2008, Arbor celebrated its ten year anniversary. Also, Frank Lord retired as an investment advisor and transitioned his responsibilities as Chief Financial Officer to Scott Jones.

Bill Hollan joined as an investment advisor and Principal in March 2011 after a career at BB&T. Soon after, Arbor’s Principals purchased the former fire station on the edge of Old Salem for its new corporate headquarters. Judy Ward joined Arbor as office administrator in July 2011 and coordinated the move. After a complete renovation transformed the building into dedicated office space, Arbor relocated to its 300 South Main Street location in September of the same year. As the firm continued to grow, Jenna Craver joined Arbor in September 2013 as the newest member of the Operations team.

In March 2015, Arbor announced its next generation of leadership.  Jim Martin transitioned to overseeing the firm as Chairman. Scott Cawood assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer while continuing to serve as Chief Investment Officer.  Paige Birchfield transitioned to Chief Operating Officer.  April Beason began her role as Chief Compliance Officer.  In recognition of their talents and commitment to Arbor and its clients, Paige and April joined Jim Martin, Scott Cawood, Scott Jones and Bill Hollan as Principals of the firm.