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Why do I need an independent financial advisor?

As an independent, fee-only advisor we do not receive commissions or sell any products. As a committed fiduciary working on your behalf, we evaluate the full spectrum of investments and only choose what is in your best interest.

What can Arbor do that I can’t do myself?

It is Arbor’s full-time job to monitor and manage client portfolios. We pledge objectivity, a consistent approach and proactive service. In addition, as a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor, Arbor may access on your behalf an institutional brokerage platform with lower trading and service costs and professionally managed mutual funds with substantially lower management fees. Do-it-yourself investors will generally pay a commission and/or pay a significantly higher ongoing internal management fee charged by a given mutual fund.

Who will I work with if I am a client?

Your investment advisor will analyze your current portfolio, recommend a customized solution and direct the implementation and ongoing management of your portfolio. He/she will review the portfolio strategy and performance as often as you prefer and proactively recommend changes as needed. Our operations team routinely helps clients with requests for cash transfers, charitable gifts, reporting and any other questions that may arise.

What experience and training do you have?

Our advisors have an average of over 20 years experience in financial services. Supplemental education may include an MBA, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification or Chartered Financial Analyst® designation.

How are you compensated?

Arbor’s annualized fee is a percentage of the assets we manage.

Who holds my investments in safe-keeping?

Fidelity Institutional Brokerage Group acts as custodian and holds client assets in safe-keeping. Arbor is a non-custodial investment advisor. We do not hold any of our clients’ investments.

What size accounts do you manage

The target minimum relationship is $1 million in assets under management.